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Ice Maker Maintenance

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  • Lab Wash Bottle for Scotsman Ice Maker

    If anyone has ever tried performing the required acid wash cleaning on a Scotsman nugget style Ice Maker, they would tell you the hardest part is getting the cleaning solution into the reservoir. With this bottle, performing the cleaning is a breeze and a must have if you plan performing the cleaning yourself. All qualified technicians that clean ice makers have these bottles on their truck. Just add the cleaning or sanitizing solution and water and get it done right! This bottle is a reusable bottle that will always help make your cleanings a breeze.

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  • Whirlpool Ice Maker Cleaner

    The genuine OEM Affresh Ice Machine Cleaner 16 oz. by Whirlpool is designed to clean all freestanding ice machine make and models, including by Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Maytag, Amana, Estate, Kenmore, GE, and more. This is a nickel-safe cleaner that safely removes scale and mineral deposits from freestanding ice makers. Affresh Ice Machine Cleaner is nickel-safe and specially formulated to remove hard water and mineral build-up from your machine so you can enjoy great-tasting ice and keep your machine clean. Just follow the easy-to-use directions on this 16 fl. oz. bottle to safely remove scale and deposits on freestanding icemakers. This includes the icemaker bin, evaporator, and other parts.

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  • Ice Maker Sanitizer for All Brands

    Ice Machine Sanitizer, Liquid, Size 16 oz., Color Clear, Application Ice Machine, Nickel Safe Yes, Food Grade No. This Ice maker sanitizer is great to use after performing cleaning of any ice maker using Ice Maker Cleaner. This is a safe solution to run thru the Ice Machine as well as wiping the interior surface of the unit. This is the last step in the Ice Maker maintenance steps of cleaning the unit. This solution can be used of all brands of Ice Systems.

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  • Evaporator / Condenser No Rinse Foam Coil Cleaner

    Clean coils on Refrigeration and Ice Maker systems is critical for reduced breakdowns and longevity of a unit. This coil cleaner  is one of the easiest ways to keep your coils clean and unit running efficiently. With easy application, low mess, low odor this is the go to cleaner for all service professionals. All Appliance Fixx Air and Heat technicians carry this cleaner in their trucks. Perfect cleaner to get in deep between the coils of refrigeration and ice systems systems.

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  • Scotsman Ice Maker Cleaner

    Clear 1 is a concentrated scale remover and cleaner for ice machines. By diluting this solution to the proper concentration level you can be sure that you are cleaning and properly maintaining your ice machine. The Scotsman Clear 1 scale remover is a food grade level cleaner that is nickel safe. This powerful formula will wipe scale deposits away and help make sure your ice is safe to serve. Using a service manual easily obtained from Scotsman, this is a do it yourself project.

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  • Sub Zero Approved Ice Machine Cleaner

    Protect your investment with a regular maintenance cleaning using Sub Zero authorized cleaner and sanitizer solution. Calcium deposits and debris from water can cause havoc to an ice maker, ruining pumps, nozzles and anything that your water comes in contact with. This cleaner is a safe non toxic cleaner that removes the buildup and keeps your ice maker running longer and more efficiently and after every cleaning use the Sub Zero authorized sanitizer p/n: 7013401 to get back to making the ice that you enjoy.

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