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  • Miele Milk Pipework Cleaning Brush

    Along with regular maintenance of cleaning your Miele Coffee maker with the descaling tabs, brew unit cleaning tabs and milk pipework cleaning agent, you should have your Miele Milk Pipework Cleaning Brush handy for those though hard to clean areas where milk dries up and starts to clog your unit.

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  • Miele Descaling Tablets 6-pack

    Miele descaling tablets remove mineral deposits from the heating element and water pathways of your Miele coffee machine. Recommended use every 500-1000 cups of coffee. 6 tablets in each package and and there are 2 packages in this order (12 total tablets). For use in the all Miele coffee machines.

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  • Miele Coffee Machine 10 Pack Cleaning Tablets

    Keep your Miele coffee machine clean and free from costly repairs by performing the recommended cleaning per Miele maintenance instructions. These cleaning tabs help remove the heavy oil and caked up coffee grinds from the brew unit, which can decrease the life of the main component of the Miele coffee machine.

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  • Miele Coffee Machine Milk Pipework Cleaning P

    Ask any miele tech around what is the number one failure on a Miele coffee machine, they will tell you not cleaning the milk pipework. This cleansing agent is made specifically for Miele coffee units and each box contains 100 packets. Recommended use is 1 packet per cleaning cycle. This will assure you that the milk will be completely cleaned out and will keep from the lines clogging up.

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