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  • Sub Zero Refrigerator Water Filter Push In Ty

    Sub Zero Push In Water Purification filter, made for the Sub Zero early BI Models. The Sub-Zero Microbiological Water Filter significantly reduces contaminants such as viruses, debris, bacteria and chemical pollutants, while preserving the fresh taste of clean water as nature intended. Estimated filter life of 235 gallons or 12 months.


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  • Sub Zero Refrigerator Water Filter Screw In T

    Water Filter Screw In Type for all Sub Zeros Refrigerators

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  • Miele Coffee Machine Milk Pipework Cleaning P

    Ask any miele tech around what is the number one failure on a Miele coffee machine, they will tell you not cleaning the milk pipework. This cleansing agent is made specifically for Miele coffee units and each box contains 100 packets. Recommended use is 1 packet per cleaning cycle. This will assure you that the milk will be completely cleaned out and will keep from the lines clogging up.

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  • Sub Zero Ice Maker Water Filter

    Water Filter for Sub Zero Ice Maker Model Number “UC-15I” Keep your unit running clean and ice tasting great by changing the filter on your Sub Zero Ice Maker regularly.

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  • Griddle Cleaning Pad

    This is exactly what you need to keep your griddle clean throughout the day and at the end of a busy shift! This screen’s remarkable scouring power makes cleaning flat top griddles a breeze. Its heat-resistant open construction means you can clean even when the grill is at operating temperature without having to worry about clogging, and then easily rinse the pad clean when you’re done.

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  • Dryer Cleaning

    Not only does the dryer vents clog with lint over time, but inside of dryer accumulate a great amount of lint that can also start fire as well. At Appliance Fixx Air and Heat, we not only have factory trained technicians to clean vents but we are also trained in repairing dryers, which gives us the expertise to open your dryer up and clean the delicate parts from lint build up. Not only does this prevent fires but also it helps prolong the life of your dryer and helps you dry your clothes quicker which save you time and utility cost. Let Appliance Fixx Air and Heat professionally clean your dryer to get the top performance out it and give you the peace of mind that your dryer is clean from lint buildup which greatly increases a chance of fire.

    $125.00 Select options Appliance Maintenance
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