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Air Conditioning Add-Ons

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  • Rotobrush Certified Air Duct Cleaning

    $35.00 Per Air Duct.
    This service consists of our factory trained technician laying down floor protected sheeting, removing air registers, cleaning the duct with our rotobrush machine, removing all the dust particle, dust mites, pollen and other debris. If more than 4 ducts cleanings are purchased we will also clean the blower housing, heat exchagers and evaporator coils.

    $35.00 Add to cart Air Conditioning Add-Ons
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment for Air Ducts

    This treatment eliminates 100% of all microbial life, 99.999% of infectious pathogenic bacteria and sanitizes the air duct system. Our treatment is registered by the EPA for use in HVAC systems in populated areas, no need to evacuate occupied spaces, no rinsing, alcohol or perfumes. The air ducts must be cleaned before this treatment can be applied. ******This product cannot be used if the air ducts have not been cleaned prior.

    $110.00 Add to cart Air Conditioning Add-Ons
  • HVAC Emergency Pan Over-Flow Switch

    This little switch can save thousands of dollars of damage to your home from clogged condensate pans from your HVAC unit. Our technicians will come out to your house install the switch onto your pan and wire it up so if your pan does not drain properly it cuts the power to your HVAC unit so water damage does not happen to your home. THIS IS A MUST HAVE ON ANY HVAC UNIT THAT’S INSTALLED ABOVE A CEILING. For the low price of $125.00 you get the switch and a factory trained HVAC Technician to come out to your house and install it. Only one switch will work with each HVAC unit.

    $125.00 Add to cart Air Conditioning Add-Ons
  • Duct Sealant Application

    Dust gathering on furniture too quickly? Black mold on ac vents? Room temps not being satisfied? Energy bill too high? These all might be cause by leaking ac ducts. Order your sealant application today and stop wasting money and breath cleaner air.

    $165.00 Add to cart Air Conditioning Add-Ons
  • Line Set and Cover

    If your upgrading your HVAC system to a 18 seer or higher unit, chances are you may need to increase the size of your line set. In that case you will need to replace your line set to the proper size. To do this on a old house, the line set would run down the outside wall of the house and a cover would be installed. Line sets sometimes need to be changed out in cases of a leak or just old and out dated line set. Appliance fixx line set package comes with the suction line coppper, pressure line copper, suction line insulation and line set cover installed.

    $339.99 Add to cart Air Conditioning Add-Ons
  • Lennox Healthy Climate 11 Media Air Cleaner

    A simple solution that works throughout your whole home
    The Healthy Climate® 11 filters out dust, pollen and other particles to make your home’s air healthier. It does all this without adding to the cost of running your heating and cooling system. Unlike many portable air cleaners, the Healthy Climate® 11 filters air without emitting ozone, a toxic gas that can irritate your lungs*. The Healthy Climate® 11 is effective against common household allergens that can aggravate asthma and respiratory illnesses. It also attacks germs like viruses, bacteria and mold. The Healthy Climate® 11 helps prolong the life of your heating and cooling system by keeping it free from dirt and dust buildup. It’s compatible with any system, and no additional power source is needed to keep it running.

    $379.00 Add to cart Air Conditioning Add-Ons
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