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Maintenance Plan for your Air Conditioning & Heating and Appliances


Appliance Fixx's Home Comfort Plan Advantage

It costs less to maintain equipment than to repair it, yet 90 percent of breakdowns are caused by a lack of TLC! We created Appliance Fixx's Home Comfort Plan  because we’re committed to ending system neglect. This preventive maintenance agreement makes it easier and more affordable to give your HVAC and Appliance systems the care it needs to run reliably, safely and affordably.

Check Out The Benefits of a Home Comfort Member


At Appliance Fixx Air Conditioning & Heating, your comfort and peace of mind are our priorities. Our Home Confort Plan is designed to safeguard your HVAC system and Appliances, lower costly repair risks, reduce your utility bills and preserve your family’s health, comfort and safety.

The Protection You Need at the Price You Can Afford
Significant Energy Savings

Low-efficiency HVAC systems drain your wallet without improving indoor climate. With the Home Comfort Plan scheduled system inspections, you’ll enjoy lower utility bills, improved energy efficiency and optimal heating and cooling.

Priority Service

Appliance Fixx's Home Comfort Plan members receive fast, priority scheduling for repair and installation calls. While membership does not cover the cost of “as-needed” service work, it provides members with special price breaks.

Home Comfort Membership Discounts

In addition to preserving the performance and safety of your HVAC system and Appliances, Appliance Fixx's Home Comfort Plan members save 20 percent on all repairs, 50 percent on diagnostic fees and a discounted rate for multiple-system maintenance agreements and Appliances.

Schedule Reminders

Appliance Fixx's Home Comfort Plan membership makes it easy to schedule your regular maintenance checkup. We’ll call to remind you when it‘s time for your visit and we’ll work our technicians’ arrival around your busy schedule.

Prolong the Life Expectancy of the Equipment

While the Home Comfort Plan is designed to maximize the efficiency of your home comfort system, it also allows expert technicians to pinpoint potential concerns before they turn into major repairs, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Best Appliance Repair in Dallas
Cleaner, Healthier Air

With state-of-the-art technology and scheduled inspections, Appliance Fixx Air and Heat is able to ensure that you’re breathing fresh, clean air and touching germ-free surfaces year-round. From air filtration to air purification, Appliance Fixx Air and Heat is equipped to improve your indoor air quality. Ask about our new Apco UV Light Systems design to stop the spread of Covid and other airborne diseases.

Best Appliance Repair in Dallas
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What Can You Expect With Your Membership?

Appliance Fixx's Home Comfort Plan is designed to make it easier on you and your budget, to help keep your Air Conditioning, Heating and Appliances running in top shape. We have 3 Home Comfort Plans to choose from. Our Platinum Plan is a Quarterly-Annual maintenance plan, the Gold is a Bi-Annual Plan and the Silver is the Annual Appliance Only plan. Check out below the preventative maintenance/cleaning out service technicians do:

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    System Testing & Safety Check

    We’ll log all operating temperatures and conduct a thorough safety inspection of every portion of your HVAC system to ensure it’s operating like it should—safely and efficiently.

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    Filter Changes

    Clogged or dirty air filters are a leading cause of heating and cooling system problems. A dust- and debris-filled filter restricts airflow, forcing your unit to use more energy and effort to heat or cool your space. During a tune-up, we make it a priority to change or clean your system’s air filters to optimize its airflow and improve its efficiency.

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    Full Mechanical Inspection & Cleaning

    We perform a full mechanical inspection of your unit. This includes checking oil and refrigerant levels, looking for leaks and thoroughly inspecting your system for aging or problematic parts. We’ll also provide a thorough cleaning of your unit, including its condensate pans, drain lines and plumbing outlets.

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    Lubrication of Moving Partse of the element

    After HVAC equipment is cleaned and inspected, Timo’s technicians lubricate motors and bearings, closely adhering to manufacturer’s product and frequency recommendations.

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    Cleaning/Maintenance of Appliances

    If you include your Appliances in your Home Comfort plan, Appliance Fixx will perform the necessary cleanings and maintenance require per manufactures instructions.    

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