Wine Storage

Understanding the importance of wine cellar cooling units or refrigeration systems is of critical importance when considering the construction, repair and service of a custom wine cellar. Whether your particular needs are for a residential wine cellar in a home or a commercial wine room in a restaurant or hospitality sector, the climate, stability and need for a proper wine room environment cannot be expressed enough in its importance with regards to the preservation of your collection.

And carrying this analogy a bit further, the wine cooling system could best be described as the heart of the wine cellar. Its primary function is to provide the life blood for the wine room. Its purpose is strictly utilitarian and absolutely essential to any wine room’s proper function. Without this, the wine room, in essence, dies.

Wine Cellar Cooling Systems or more specifically, wine cellar refrigeration units typically come in three different fundamental types.  Then within those categories there are different brands such as WhisperKool, US Cellars & Cellarmate to name just a few.

The different categories of wine room cooling systems are:

1. Self-contained Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units

2. Self-contained Ducted Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

3. Split-system Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

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